Innovative Therapy Group located in tyler Texas Pediatric therapy with a team approach

focused on parent collaboration

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Professional Speech and Language Skills
We are a group of licensed OTs and SLPs who have come together to provide comprehensive therapy services to children and young people from birth-to-21. Each of us is a private practitioner with specialized skills, interests, and expertise. We know that we best serve the children who come to us by working together with each other, the child's pediatrician, other medical professionals, and the family.

Innovative Therapy Group provides a clinical setting designed to make this collaboration possible. We know that the earlier the child is referred for evaluation and treatment the better the prognosis for progress. In our community we are fortunate to have pediatricians and pediatric specialists that recognize there is no such thing as "too early" or "too young" to refer when signs of delay or disorder are noticed.

Emphasis on Parent Collaboration
Innovative Therapy Group was established to provide state of the art services in occupational and speech therapies. In the forefront of service provision is parent involvement and training. At Innovative Therapy Group the parents are partners in their child's treatment.

Specialized Programs Target
  • Professional speech and language skills for the southern speaker
  • Professional speech and language skills for the ethnic speaker
  • Accent modification for foreign speakers (Spanish, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc.)

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Speech-Language Pathologist
401 E. Front Street, Suite 123
Tyler,Texas 75702
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